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This is for Mercury because it was her birthday and you should send her belated wishes.  Just a coloring of an old piece that was for her like…last year.

I love you, Mercury, and happy birthday.  <3  I hope you enjoy these thiefies~  ^^

Bakura, you are getting this for your birthday. I don’t care what you want.



     He loves me like a brother but fucks me like his husband.

noʎɹ & ʞılɐɯ

Is this what I think it is??? Can I color it in paint or markers?


t r u t h s p e l l; bakura/malik fanmix
[i want to reach into the dark and feel what reaches back]

i. Soley - Dance // ii. Recoil - Incubus // iii. Halfsleeper - Chelsea Wolfe // iv. Soap and Skin - Thanatos // v. Gary Numan - Pressure (Alternative) // vi. Interpol - Safe Without // vii. The Cure - Cold // viii. How to Destroy Angels - The Space in Between // ix. The Antlers - Tiptoe // x. Recoil - Want 




this just in if you have a lot of followers you are not allowed to have fun because thats not fair to little babbys with no followers. no fun allowed. just shut up and make relatable text posts

right?????? omg

Be brave.

Speak on whim!

I have lost hundreds of followers at a time because of things I said about phonetics.
I don’t caaaare.

Forget Louis Vuitton. Malik in my mom’s real alligator skin purse.
Aloof vegetarians who wear fur and alligator.


Hi I know I already have a commission post up but I don’t offer sketches and I think that would be a good idea to do so

15$ sketch commissions!

+5 for extra characters ^o^ 

and will have flat colouring for +5

plz spread because I need money and it is hard to get commissions yes

Fab commissions!

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Friendly reminder that there is a canon connection between Yami Bakura and Thief King Bakura uwu

true love

this is it

WIP cardboard millennium puzzle for my Yami Yugi cosplay partner. Since this is probably a one time cosplay for her. Maybe I can change her mind.
I have to make a lot of wigs. I’m excited!