I GOT…SO MANY LEVI REQUESTS SO SORRY I’M SLOW AND LATE!  On the bright side, it forced me to experiment with a variety.  Also it gave me an excuse to draw a winged Levi.

[Color Palette Challenge: Schemes #1, 3, 13, 17] requested by vicodin-viper, phantomkim, clockworkindyy, and hvorermitsind.



20-minute drabble prompt: “RURAL DEEP SOUTH SOUTHERN GOTHIC: A carnival comes through a small town, Ishtars and Bakurae meet, Ishtars are carnies, Bakurae are locals whose family stretches back a long ways in the town but who are creepy and get weird looks at church on Sundays”

Here is what happened.

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Playing with post-yamima make up. No, that is not my natural face. It is intentionally unattractive makeup.

I’m fireproof, darling. I’ll be smiling, instead of burning up.

I know you’re in this room
I’m sure I heard you sigh
Floating in between
Where our worlds collide

Scares the hell out of me
And the end is all I can see
And it scares the hell out of me
And the end is all I can see

And I know the moment’s near
And there’s nothing we can do
Look through a faithless eye
Are you afraid to die?


Baby-poker face-Malik doodle on tea paper.


Mini Yamima and snake doodle on a fragrance blotter card. I’m so classy.


lines by wandii , color by nimali !!

An effective way to make me draaaaw. And teams= peer pressure.



Member: めろうぶろぐ


This is for Mercury because it was her birthday and you should send her belated wishes.  Just a coloring of an old piece that was for her like…last year.

I love you, Mercury, and happy birthday.  <3  I hope you enjoy these thiefies~  ^^